Squadron Swag Stop was created to connect military memorabilia collectors and Snackos around the world.  We have created a one stop shop that allows collectors to find and purchase hard to find, limited edition military memorabilia.  We also allow Snackos to earn a little bit of extra money for their unit morale, welfare and recreation funds.​


Lifeblood of the Squadron

"As the morale of the LPA goes, so goes the morale of the squadron." 

 - Unknown

Whether a squadron needs to restock the snack bar to keep pilots fed or needs money to support a squadron member when they are down on their luck, the SNACKO fund covers it all.  Typically, the youngest fighter pilots in the squadron are in charge of all things SNACKO.  It is a tough and thankless job.  Not only are they responsible for being the best tacticians they can be in a high performance fighter but they are responsible for ensuring that patches are ordered when the squadron runs out and making sure the fridge isn't empty when their instructor pilot wants a post sortie beverage just to name a few responsibilities.  However, a good SNACKO is a source of high squadron morale and typically reflects positively on the "Punks" or "LPA."  When the more experienced fighter pilots see the LPA in a positive light everyone in that squadron benefits!  Squadron Swag Stop's goal is to help SNACKOs around the world keep their squadron's morale at the highest level possible!