"Working with Squadron Swag Stop has been straight forward and worry free.  I provide them with our squadron's swag and they take care of the rest.  Squadron Swag Stop has increased our Snacko sales by 200%!  Squadron Swag Stop has been a great way to move swag that we normally wouldn't be able to offer to collectors around the world.  QQMF!" - 309th Fighter Squadron Snacko 


"Squadron Swag Stop had been instrumental in getting our Snacko account back in the black.  We had a bunch of inventory but no customers.  Squadron Swag Stop allows us to sell our patches, RMOs and other squadron swag to eager collectors around the world while allowing me to focus on executing the mission.  They make being a Snacko easy!  PTW!" - 21st Fighter Squadron Snacko  


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